Terms of Service

This Web Hosting Agreement is between HostFizia International Private Limited and the person/persons who use our web hosting and domain service. Kindly read cautiously to guarantee you comprehend our terms before buying any of our items or administrations.

HostFizia Internet Services

Customer Agreement

HostFizia provides cPanel hosting, Windows hosting, email services, domain registration, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. All clients ought to concur on all terms and conditions expressed before they pursued any of the facilitating plans and administrations referenced on HostFizia. You will consent to utilize just authorized and legitimate outsider programming regarding your utilization of our administrations. HostFizia claims all authority to suspend or drop a client’s entrance to any or all administrations gave, whenever, or when HostFizia concludes that the record has been improperly utilized or something else.


HostFizia reserves the right to refuse Service and access to its servers to anyone. The administrations gave by us must use to legitimate purposes as it were. Transmission, stockpiling, or the introduction of any data, information, or material infringing upon any appropriate law or guideline is denied.

The activities listed below meant to provide you with examples of actions and content that are strictly prohibited.

Topsites, Ponzi or pyramid schemes, prime banks programs, bank debentures/bank debenture trading programs, cryptocurrency/bitcoin miners, forex, e-gold, proxy, bots, spam bots, mail bombers, port scanners, IP scanners, mail harvesting scripts, brute force scripts, chat rooms, banner rotators, file dumps, using disk space as secondary storage, sales of illegal pharma, drugs, explosives, anonymous or bulk SMS gateways, malware, warez, phishing materials, lottery, gambling, illegal downloads, pirated software distributions, escrow, high yield investment programs, adult thumbnail galleries/banner exchanges, streaming or broadcasting of live copyrighted events. Websites are promoting illegal activities or linking to other websites that promote illegal activities.

Website content that promotes or advocates human trafficking in any way shape or form as determined by HostFizia’s sole discretion, sites that promote prostitution, or escort services.

Any website found to host child pornography, link to child pornography, or exploitative content will be suspended immediately without notice or warning.

Adult materials – Includes all pornography, erotic images, or otherwise lewd or obscene content. The designation of “adult material” is left entirely to the discretion of HostFizia.

Embedding or uploading audio/video/high-resolution images on a website or linking to other websites that promotes audio/video/high-resolution photos.

Unlawful Material – This incorporates copyrighted works, business sound, video, or music records, and any material infringing upon any guideline or substance that is seen to be misdirecting.

Warez – This incorporates, however, isn’t constrained to pilfered programming, ROMS, emulators, phreaking, hacking, secret key splitting, IP is ridiculing, and encoding of any of the abovementioned. It likewise incorporates any destinations which give “connections to” or “how-to” data about such material.

Games – We carefully don’t permit to have any sort of games on our servers. Your facilitating record would promptly end if we found any gaming related stuff in your facilitating account.

IRC Hosts – Hosting an IRC server that is a piece of or associated with another IRC system or server or has an association with an IRC organization. Servers or Virtual facilitating accounts saw as identifying with, or some portion of these systems will quickly expel from our framework without notice. The server would not reconnect to the network until such time that you consent to by and large evacuate any hints of the IRC server and consent to let us approach your server to affirm that the substance has lifted. Any server blameworthy of a subsequent infringement would bring about a quick record end.

HostFizia claims all authority to esteem some other substance or writing as “denied” whenever saw as foul, discourteous, detest content, and, for the most part, inadmissible.

Refer to the General Acceptable Use Policy for complete details on prohibited content and activities.

In consistence with the DMCA demonstration, HostFizia hosts embraced methods for gatherings who accept that a facilitated site on our Service is infringing their copyrights. All copyright objections must be submitted to [email protected].

Abuse Of Resources

  • Any endeavors to bargain or real trade-off of a system gadget having a place with HostFizia or some other organization, individual, or separate element carefully restricted. This offense likewise incorporates port checking, IP goes scanners and helplessness examining. All infractions or potentially speculated infractions will be energetically researched and may bring about the prompt end of Service.
  • Refusal of Service (DOS) assaults coordinated at HostFizia, or any endeavors to dispatch a Denial of Service assault from our servers carefully disallowed. All infractions or potentially speculated infractions will be energetically examined and may bring about the quick end of Service.
  • Facilitating any product, source code, or some other material that is illicit or could utilize to perpetrate a criminal demonstration is carefully restricted. This incorporates, however, isn’t limited to programming abuses; misuse source code, hacking instructional exercises, hacking devices, infections and Trojans, bomb-production, and comparative gadget instructional exercises. All infractions and additionally presumed infractions will be overwhelmingly explored and may bring about the quick end of Service.
  • The facilitating of material that infringes on any copyright, trademark as well as administration mark is carefully restricted. This likewise incorporates the capacity and transmission of pilfered films, music, programming, ring tones, or whatever else considered “Warez.” Any official grievance got will be researched and may bring about the end of Service.
  • The facilitating of abusive, outrageous, or private data about an individual without their consent, deliberately incurring enthusiastic pain or damaging trademarks, copyrights, or other licensed innovation rights.

Any endeavors to sabotage or cause mischief to any of our servers are carefully denied. We hold no obligation regarding the utilization of our customers’ records. Any record that mishandles the assets and moves not made to stop the action calls for sure-fire deactivation with no discount. Any webpage utilizing what we regard to use over the top CPU cycles or any assets that cause strain to different sites may likewise offer new terms ( i.e., redesign). Even though we provide 99.99% uptime, we can not ultimately ensure this. This is because of the updates and up-degree we do, which is likewise a piece of our support.

If any customer is in any capacity insolent towards any individual from the HostFizia staff, we have a full option to expel them from our administrations with no discount.

Unsolicited commercial email/Unsolicited bulk email (SPAM)

Utilization of our Service to transmit any spontaneous business or spontaneous mass email is explicitly denied. Infringement of this SPAM strategy will bring about severe punishments.

Endless supply of a supposed infringement, we will start a full-scale examination during which, we may limit the client’s entrance to the system to forestall further offense. On the off chance that a client found to have abused our strategy, we may, at our sole prudence, limit, suspend, or end the subject facilitating account. Besides, we maintain all authority to seek after standard solutions for any expenses related to the examination of a validated arrangement infringement. We will inform law authorization authorities if they penetrate accepted to be a criminal offense. Anyone using our Service to host websites or services that support spammers or cause any of our IP space to listed in any of the various Spam Databases will have their account(s) immediately suspended, and an administrative fee of $250.00 will charged to your account. The report won’t be unsuspended until such time that you consent to evacuate any hints of the culpable material promptly upon reconnection. The first infringement of this approach will bring about notice, and your record will survey for the conceivable prompt end. A subsequent violation may bring about a rapid conclusion of your career, and the authoritative charges will be $500. A severe breach may bring about the quick and lasting evacuation of the account(s) from our system without notice to the client.

We have a zero-resilience approach for the utilization of our Service towards posting messages or business ads that damage the principles, guidelines, or sanction of any newsgroups or mailing list. Business messages that are proper under the laws of a newsgroup or mailing list or that are requested by the beneficiaries are allowed.

We likewise forbid facilitating of freely available “open transfer” SMTP or mysterious remailer administration for any reason, cause, or reason what-so-ever.


If the client’s record surpasses the transmission capacity limit, we would advise the client. If the client doesn’t wish to buy additional transfer speed or overhaul his career and keeps on surpassing their cutoff, the report will suspend until the client takes measures to guarantee that the cutoff time wouldn’t exceed again or when the record redesigned, whichever is prior. The announcement would reactivate in the next month.

Account Verification

If the client neglects to finish the record check process, at that point, no discount will give to such clients under any conditions.

VPS Rules

We, by and large, prescribe a control board to oversee and work the VPS. All clients who have a plain VPS would need to arrange the DNS, client accounts, mail records, and other such exercises about the setup of such VPS’ themselves. The help group won’t be answerable for this. With windows VPS, we give an assessment rendition that can reactivate after at regular intervals.


Spamming, sending spontaneous messages from our servers, or utilizing email tends to that are kept up by us is STRICTLY precluded and will qualify your site for sure-fire deactivation with no discount. HostFizia would be the sole judge about what comprises infringement of this arrangement.

To guarantee that our shared servers, Cloud and VPS hubs, just as devoted server equipment hub, give us the ideal execution, we have set cutoff points on the number of active sends which can send every hour. As needs are, shared and affiliate clients would be permitted to send 300 amicable letters for each hour, our VPS clients would have the option to send 1000 active sends each hour, and the Cloud facilitating clients may send 1500 outbound messages for every hour. Clients having committed servers may send one email each second, for example, 3600 letters for every hour.

We don’t ensure Inbox email conveyance with any of our facilitating plans.

Backup Policy

Your utilization of the Services is at your sole hazard. You consent to reinforcement the entirety of your User Content with the goal that you can access and use it when required. HostFizia does not warrant that it backs-up any Account or User Content, and you consent to acknowledge as a hazard the loss of any of your User Content.

You, as a HostFizia User, concur that for no situation, HostFizia can be considered liable for the loss of information in any conditions.

Customers who have bought in for paid reinforcement Service with shared and affiliate are facilitating plans. For such customers, we take day by day reinforcement of the database with a maintenance time of 7 days. Site reinforcement will be made week after week with a maintenance time of 1 day. Any reinforcement duplicate kept up by HostFizia won’t have any messages or media document remembered for it.

Customers utilizing the cPanel Backup Manager device for reinforcements ought to download the support from the server and erase it on each Sunday, all the reinforcement records expelled from the server with no warning. You are not permitted to utilize the facilitating space to store reinforcements.

Unlimited Hosting

“Boundless” use strategies and definitions apply just to shared and affiliate facilitating accounts. Click here to read the boundless facilitating approach.

The size of each letter drop ought not to surpass 5GB, and joined post box size per area ought not to exceed 50GB. This is appropriate for WordPress facilitating, Business facilitating, Linux, and Windows-based shared facilitating plans.

Uptime Guarantee

Any assistance interferences or personal time because of booked upkeep by HostFizia or our system suppliers won’t check towards the uptime ensure. HostFizia not obligated at all for the disappointment of outsider administrations.

HostFizia will not be liable for failure or delay in performing its obligations if such failure or delay is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of any governmental body, war, revolution, sabotage, embargo, fire, flood, strike or other labor disturbance, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of, interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services (including DNS propagation), failure of third party software or hardware or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies or power used in or equipment needed for the provision of the Services.


You are liable for any abuse of your record. Accordingly, you should find a way to guarantee that others don’t increase unapproved access to your history. Additionally, you may not utilize your account to break the security of another record or endeavor to improve unapproved access to another system or server.

Your secret phrase gives access to your record. You must keep your confidential critical secure.

Sharing your secret phrase and record access with unapproved clients isn’t suggested. You should deal with and keep others from utilizing your record since you will be liable for the outcomes.

Endeavoring to get another client’s record secret key is carefully denied, and will bring about the end of Service.

You should receive sufficient safety efforts to forestall or limit unapproved utilization of your record.

You may not endeavor to bypass client verification or security of any host, system, or record. This incorporates, however, isn’t restricted to, getting to information not expected for you, signing into or utilizing a server or document you are not explicitly approved to get to or examining the security of different systems. The use or conveyance of devices intended for trading off security is denied. Instances of these apparatuses incorporate, however, are not restricted to, secret key speculating programs, breaking instruments or system examining devices.

You may not endeavor to meddle with the administration to any client, host or system (“refusal of administration assaults”). This incorporates, however, isn’t constrained to “flooding” of networks, purposeful endeavors to over-burden assistance, and attempts to “crash” a host. Clients who damage frameworks or system security may bring about lawbreakers or universal obligations. HostFizia will participate completely with examinations of infringement of arrangements or system security at different destinations, incorporating helping out law authorization experts in the investigation of a suspected criminal offense.

Billing Policy

If paying via credit card, debit card, net banking, PayPal, the account will be setup immediately once the payment is confirmed. If paying by a cheque, please allow five days for the check to clear. If you are paying through postal requests or cash, your account will set up on the following day.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is only applicable for the first time only. The second time and subsequent subscriptions are not eligible for the same. For example, on the off chance that you’ve had a record with us previously, dropped, and joined once more, you won’t meet all requirements for a discount or if you have opened a second record with us.

Discount isn’t appropriate on Domain enrollment/move/reestablishment, cPanel, Plesk, Control Panel, LiteSpeed, Softaculous, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated Server, Paid Support, SSL Certificates, Sitelock, SpamExperts, WHMCS, Windows OS, SQL, G Suite, Office 365 and some other paid licenses.

The alterations done in estimating example or approach by the product permit organization will produce results quickly on HostFizia clients.

The unconditional promise gave on Shared facilitating, Reseller facilitating, WordPress facilitating, and Email facilitating.

No discount will be made if your Service (s) are suspended or ended for the cause.

There impedes each facilitating stage. On an OpenVZ VPS, GUI not upheld, and it won’t be conceivable to update the portion or change the BIOS setting. Bit overhaul is conceivable on KVM Cloud occasions.

The discount won’t extend any sort of duties, arrangement expenses, discount handling charge, postal charges, or any kind of portion preparing charges or bank fee(s). There will be no discounts given on the off chance that the web facilitating account was associated with the infringement of our terms of administration or any sort of unlawful or framework assets over-uses or following 30 days time frame or past the inclusion of our discount arrangement as noted here.

The Free Domain offered with Swift and Turbo plan of shared facilitating. One free of charge.Com Domain.IN Domain, they were equipped with the acquisition of each new Swift/Turbo plan for 1/2/3 years. The space name will be open for the first year, and reestablishment charges will be appropriate from the subsequent year.

You should contain the domain name into your cart with the ease plan. You can’t guarantee the free space later.

On the off chance that the web facilitating administration incorporates free domain name, and you drop the facilitating web administration, the space charges (standard rate according to the site) would be deducted from the discount sum. If the discount sum is not exactly the domain name value, you should pay the distinction or relinquish the space. The responsibility for the area will stay with HostFizia if you neglect to pay the distinction sum.

Move charges will be appropriate on the off chance that you wish to move the free space name to some other supplier. Without move cart Domain, the Domain won’t discharge.

One free WHMCS Starter or ClientExec permit remembered for the affiliate facilitating plan (Pluto/Mars/Jupiter). WHMCS starter permit allows you to oversee up to 250 customers. You can redesign the WHMCS license from us by paying the best possible grant cost in case the offshoot encouraging arrangement dropped inside the beginning 30 days. By then, WHMCS Starter or ClientExec grant cost will be deducted from the markdown entirety.

The installments made through bank move, check, cash request, money store, DD are non-refundable. The discount will add as a good representative for the facilitating account.

The discount demand put following 30 days won’t be prepared, and you won’t be qualified for any discount.

The wiping out solicitation ought to send through the customer territory.

In the wake of sending the wiping out solicitation, it would take 4 – 5 working days to finish the discount procedure.


The client concurs that they will ensure, reimburse, spare and hold HostFizia innocuous from any specifications, liabilities, misfortunes, costs, and claims, just as sensible lawyer’s expenses evaluated against HostFizia, its specialists, clients, officials, representatives and organization that may emerge or result from any assistance gave or performed or consented to completed or any item sold by its clients, operators, workers or allots.

Client consents to shield, repay and hold HostFizia innocuous against liabilities emerging out of –

  • Any injury to individual or property brought about by any items sold or dispersed in relationship with HostFizia’s Services;
  • The loss of any electronic documents outfitted by the client (Or’s client);
  • Copyright infringement and any defective items offered to a client from HostFizia’s Services.

Refusal of Service

We maintain whatever authority needed to cannot, drop, or suspend Service at our sole carefulness. HostFizia maintains whatever power is required to adjust/change the terms of Service consistently. All clients would be limited by the most current terms distributed on the site.

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